Making Drop Shadows for Text


How to I make a drop shadow effect for text or other objects?


PowerCADD v6 and Mac OS? X
PowerCADD v7 makes adding shadows to any objects MUCH easier and you have a LOT more flexibility. Check out the PowerCADD 7 section of our Learning Center to find out more! The results are remarkable.


Making drop shadows for any PowerCADD object is easy when you remember one simple rule. Every object is it's own unique acetate overlay (independent of what layer it is on). Put another way, objects have a unique order and can be order one in-front or behind another. PowerCADD knows and remembers the order those objects are drawn in and the order can be adjusted.

After that it's easy, simply assign the desired color to the 'shadow' object.

What to do:

Making a drop shadow for text is easy, do this:

  1. type the text
  2. assign it the desired pen color, for example black
  3. select the text
  4. choose Edit menu -> Duplicate (a copy will be made in exactly the same place and automatically selected)
  5. with the duplicate text block selected, assign it the desired shadow pen color (you may choose Attr menu -> pen color or control+click on the item and choose a pen color from the contextual menu)
  6. with the duplicate text block still selected, choose Arrange menu -> Send to Back (note, the item will seem to 'disappear' but it's still selected)
  7. use the arrow keys to nudge the selected text block (the shadow) into the desired position

It's really very easy to do and the same technique would apply for creating a drop shadow on a box or any other PowerCADD object.

quicktime Click here to see a demo movie (658KB download) of the steps in action. (need movie help?)

Reminder: If you change the main text block (e.g. changed the text from BOB to SUE), you'll also need to edit the shadow text otherwise the shadow won't match the original object.


  • in some drawing situations you may find it easier to keep the shadow text on it's own layer
  • use PowerCADD's Find and Replace text feature (Text menu -> Find...) to globally change text. This technique has the advantage of finding and replacing text in both the main text and the shadow text which can be a real time saver!

We hope that helps

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Shadow Attributes Dialog in

Shadow Attributes Dialog in PCD7

In PowerCADD v7 you now have a Shadow Attributes floating window that makes adding drop shadows to anything very fast and easy!

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