Table Tool Overview


What's the purpose of PowerCADD's Table Tool? How do I adjust the rows and columns after is drawn? How do I edit the text in the Table?


PowerCADD version 4 or newer and Mac OS? 9.2.2 (PowerCADD 6.0.4 and Mac OS X 10.2.8 or newer recommended)


The Table Tool is a text tool that provides the user with the ability to make a matrix grid quickly and easily. The intent of the resulting table is to provide the user with ability to create general tables of typed data.

The PowerCADD Table Tool is sufficient for what it’s intended and should not be looked upon as an overall scheduling capability. After all, it is just a text tool that provides a different text formatting capability with the ability to tab from field to field.

What To Do

To adjust the rows and columns:

  1. ensure the Table Tool is selected using your Pointer tool.
  2. press Apple+R (or choose Edit Menu > Reshape).
  3. position the cursor over a row line or column line.
  4. Mouse down on the target line and drag.

To edit the text of a Table created, use the Text tool or the Table Tool.

To change the text Font, use normal "select and change" editing - by selecting the Table or by cell.
Note: If you use bold for Column or Row headings, a change of the text Font by selecting the Table will not undo the Bold style.

To change the text Style, use normal "select and change" editing - by cell or by selecting the Table.

You can change the Pen and Fill color and pattern of Table as a whole using normal "select and change" editing and change the text Pen color individually cell by cell.

Hint: To change text Font, Style, or Pen Color cell by cell, use Tab to navigate from cell to cell.

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