Maximum Number of Layers


Is there a maximum number of layers I can have in my PowerCADD drawings?


Any version of PowerCADD and Mac OS? (PowerCADD 7 or newer recommended, Mac OS X 10.4.3 or newer recommended)


PowerCADD (and it's predecessor PowerDRAW) allow you create multiple layers in a single drawing (think of them as sheets of mylar or acetate for those of us old enough to remember manual overlay drafting).

In practical terms, there is no limit to the number of layers you can have in a drawing. Just how many are too many or too few layers is a matter of personal organization preference and the type of drawing one does.

In physical terms - sure, there is a limit. According to Engineered Software (authors of PowerCADD) that limit is 32,000 layers. Now, that's a lot of layers and we've been unwilling to take the time to try and physically test that limit.

Suffice to say that maximum of 32,000 layers , even if empty, would create a pretty darn large and incredibly slow drawing in terms of performance. We're also not sure how many monitors would be required to navigate that type of layer structure. Smile

What to do

Take a common sense approach and create as many layers as necessary to organize your work for maximum flexibility. It's unlikely you'll ever hit that 32,000 layer limit - at least we hope you never hit it ! Cool

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