The latest version of the PowerCADD Demo, which includes PowerCADD and PowerDWG, is available for Mac OS? X.

Basic System Requirements for PowerCADD 7 Demo:

  • a PowerPC / Power Macintosh G3, G4 or G5 computer
  • at least 256MB (megabytes) of physical RAM? installed is required for Mac OS X. We recommended 1 GB? (gigabyte) of RAM for optional performance. MORE than 1GB of RAM may be required if you are running multiple applications in Mac OS X
  • a CD-ROM drive
  • a hard disk drive
  • Mac OS 10.3 Panther or newer (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger recommended)
  • 160MB (megabytes) of free hard drive space for the PowerCADD application, documentation, related example files and related third party external add-on's
  • optional: an output device and related software drivers of your choice which is Mac OS X compatible to print your drawings

Where to get the PowerCADD Demo

We encourage everyone to always take a test drive. We all do that when before we buy a new car or motorcycle and why should software be any different! In software speak -- download the demo Smile Obviously we encourage new users to check things out before jumping on board with a new product. We also recommend veteran users download the PowerCADD demo and check things out first hand before upgrading or while you're waiting for your upgrade to arrive so you can get a leg up on things.

Caution: Current PowerCADD v6 users installing the PowerCADD v7 Demo should read this related Known Issues Article before installing and running the PowerCADD v7 Demo.

Remember to download the user manual too as it contains a lot of helpful information for new users. Veteran users should look for the new icon that flags over 100 new items in the latest version (yes, that's a new 'feature' in the manual and one we're pretty proud and fond of).

In Canada visit the PowerCADD Canada Demo Page XTNL URL for download links and instructions. Don't forget to download and review Chapter 2 of the PDF? manual too!

In the United States and Other Countries visit Engineered Software's Demo Download Page XTNL URL Don't forget to download and review Chapter 2 of the PDF manual too!

If you're new to PowerCADD please take a moment to review the various topic areas in our PowerCADD Resources Center for some helpful hints and tips on getting started.

We hope that helps

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PowerCADD 9 Demo

Looking for a Demo for the most recent version of PowerCADD?

Please contact your regional PowerCADD Distributor ( click here for listing XTNL URL ), or in the United States contact Engineered Software (authors of PowerCADD) directly ( click here for contact info XTNL URL )

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