What's New in PowerCADD 8

This section of the PowerCADD User Learning Center contains information on what's new in PowerCADD v8.

Some items are described in full, some are simply notes we prepared during beta testing which we need to revisit and fully expand upon.

Reminder: The PowerCADD User: PowerCADD 8: Menu Items section of our site also contains information on using some of the new, and long time, features of PowerCADD 8.

Hardware Requirements

PowerCADD version 8 requires Mac OS? X running on Apple Intel based hardware. This is not a Universal Binary; PowerCADD 8 cannot be installed on PowerPC based Apple hardware. If you are working in a mixed PowerPC and Intel Apple hardware environment, use PowerCADD 7 on your PowerPC hardware and PowerCADD 8 on your Intel hardware: no translation (save as) is required to work between those versions.

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