Free Scripts for QuickTime Player


Is there an easy way to set playback properties, create text tracks, etc. without buying a high end (read: expensive) QuickTime authoring application?


Minimum: Mac OS? X 10.2 QuickTime 6
Recommended: Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.4 and QuickTime 7 or newer


Applescript and QuickTime are two of Apple's 'Crowned Jewels' and they work brilliantly together. In fact, QuickTime Movie Player (version 6.3 or QuickTime or newer) is recordable. Being recordable means you can 'start recording', perform your steps in QuickTime Player, and when you stop recording you have all the steps saved as your very own Applescript!

Apple has also provided a great free utility called Script Menu which allows you to access all your scripts from any application's menu bar. Script Menu can include your own scripts, or the numerous free scripts already provided by Apple or many other independent scripting authors.

What to do

Script Menu XTNL URL Visit Apple's web site to download a free copy of Script Menu. Follow the installation instructions and you're well on your way to enjoying easier access to all your soon to be favorite Applescripts.

QuickTime Player Scripts XTNL URL Visit Apple's web site to download a variety of free scripts for QuickTime Player. It's amazing what you can do with little gems and they're all accessed from the Script Menu which will appear in the right hand area of your menu bar.

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Apple has changed the linked pages

In "what to do" above, we linked to Apple's website (years ago)

Apple has since changed those pages and deleted the links described above. The links still take you to content on Apple's site which is helpful but there is no longer a direct link to the Apple scripts we referred to.

Hey, technology changes and Apple's no exception

If time permits we'll review our download archives to see if we still have them and if they work in the most recent versions of Mac oS X Snow Leopard

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