Mac OS X dot.mac

Using Apple's Dot.Mac? system

Before there was Dot.Mac XTNL URL, there was Apple iTools XTNL URL for Mac OS? 9 (which was re-branded Dot.Mac) and before that there was eWorld XTNL URL (that goes back to 1994; 'true' überGeeks will want this eWorld book XTNL URL still available through Amazon - a scary thought!)

(for trip in the way back machine also check out Apple's Cyberdog XTNL URL technology) Cool

Yup, we've used them all Smile but so much for history... you're hear looking for information on Apple's Dot.Mac service and we're building a collection of helpful articles to get you on your way. There is a LOT you can do with a Dot.Mac account besides just sharing pictures with the family and we'll continue to add little gems on the service here.

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