Manually Installing the On2 VP3 Codec

To manually install the On2 Vp3 Codec? so all users on your computer have access, do this:

  1. click here to download XTNL URL the most recent On2vp3.component codec for QuickTime (Mac OS? 8, 9, X or Windows)
  2. instructions are included on the On2 website from the link noted above - Short Version:
    1. Extract the component from the file downloaded from the link above with StuffIt Expander
    2. drag the On2vp3.component file into the following folder: Your Startup Disk > Library > QuickTime
    3. Log out from your current user ID and log back in again for the component to load correctly (or restart your computer). The next time you visit a demo movie, the On2vp3.component codec will be available for QuickTime to correctly playback a demonstration movie posted on

If you do not have a QuickTime Folder, you can make one using File? menu >New Folder and name it QuickTime (all one word, uppercase Q, uppercase T)

Your Startup Disk = the hard drive containing the system folder used to start your computer

Stuffit Expander ( came free with your Macintosh Computer and is usually located in your Applications folder or sometimes in your Applications Folder > Utilities folder.

Here is a picture of what the correct installation of the On2vp3.component codec will look like:


If you'd like to learn more about the On2 codec visit the On2 website XTNL URL.

We hope that helps

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