feature request -- not sure how easy -- but given the move to X Code this one might be practical and reasonably painless

The ability to have PowerCADD drawing text content indexed by Apple Spotlight search engine.

Right now we have to use the comments field (or an automator action to set comments) to add important date or search criteria. For example, drawing title blocks typically contain important info on the project name, project number, and key dates and descriptions of when a drawing was issued. For example I might need to find all my drawings that were 'issued for construction' or 'issued for tender' on project 'x' ; content which appears in the drawing titleblock as matter of standard drawing practice in virtually every office I've seen drawings from.

A little thing that could be helpful; until then we do have a work around that's pretty easy

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Done Included in PowerCADD 9

Done Smile Included in PowerCADD 9

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