New Look and Feel 2006

We have a new look and feel
Our returning visitors and clients have no doubt noticed the new look and feel to this website. We've been receiving positive feedback and thank everyone who took the time to write.

The old website, created using iBlog XTNL URL served it's purpose well and we think that product was, and still is, a great choice for many things. However, we simply out grew it in terms of the amount of content we were generating, how it needed to be organized and many other factors.

After looking long and hard at several different products over the better part of a year we decided to go with the Content Management System you see here, Drupal XTNL URL Among the many benefits a CMS? provides (including that little ? mark you see next to the term CMS, go ahead, put your mouse over it and click), we how have a great deal of flexiblity in creating and organizing content, and in adding new features as time, money, energy, and interest permit.

You have no doubt noticed we've moved to a registered and guest type content structure. Long time visitors to may recall we tried something similar in the late 1990's. At that time the techology to do the task was just to cumbersome to be practical and we abandoned it... thankfully technology has come a long way Smile Fundamentally, requiring visitors to register before accessing premium content let's us know who and how many people are seriously interested in the content and service we provide on this website. That information, when used in conjunction with traditional website logs, we how have some tangible facts to make informed decisions about the future. We understand and respect your privacy and spell it all out in our privavcy policy.

So, we look forward to seeing you here online, thanks for visiting, and we hope you find the information here helpful and that it helps get you through some of the bumps on the technology highway.

Thanks for visiting.

Brian (huc) Huculak
managing editor

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