New Features April 2008

New Site Features

As we continue to polish the new look and feel of our site for 2008 we just felt some of those new features were too good to make you wait so here's a quick run down on what we've added.

  • Popular Content: On the left you now see a new section for popular content. It lists the 5 most recently read pages on our site as determined by you -- our visitors. You can still access Recent Posts to get the latest on what's new but this mini-list gives you an overview of what other folks were reading.
  • Search: We snuck that one in a few weeks ago - we've opened searching to anonymous as well as registered users. It means folks don't need to log in to search our site.
  • More Public Content: Again, a few weeks ago we opened up the PowerCADD User Section of our site so it does not require logging in to read. Visitors still need to log in to vote on polls and post comments. We're hoping the change will make it easier for everyone to find content and see just how much content we have here -- and then signup so they can participate in posting comments and voting.
  • Resources Link: This is a big one that you are definitely going to want to check out and visit often! It appears in the primary navigation column, and it's cleverly named resources Laughing out loud. Simply click on that link to see a host of related links to articles that visitors will definitely want to check out. Click on any sub-link to see content related to a given subject. That section includes a list of related PowerCADD links, and perhaps of even greater value is a series of current links from Apple on trouble shooting tips and updates. Check that stuff out every day to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening with Mac OS? X!.
  • Mac OS X Learning Center: We've links to the Learning Center: Mac OS X section for late breaking support articles from Apple. This is premium content that comes right from the source so make sure to check it out. For example, if you visit the Mac OS X: Dot.Mac section of our site you'll see a list of articles from Apple on how to get even more value from Dot.Mac.

We hope you enjoy these new features and take advantage of the constantly updating related content. That content refreshes automatically every 24 hours with articles over than 16 weeks from the current day being automatically deleted. The new look and feel for 2008 is progressing nicely and we're looking forward to a cleaner and crisper interface, some performance enhancements and perhaps most importantly; laying the foundation for even better features in the future.

Thanks for visiting
Brian (huc) Huculak
Managing Editor & co-founder

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