Seeing my list of Blind Carbon Copy Recipients in


Using Apple's, when I send a message to a long list of recipients, I use the BCC? (Blind Carbon Copy) option. After I've sent the message, is there any way to know who I BCC'd the message to?


Mac OS? X and Apple's
Recommended: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.8 or newer) , 2.1.1 or newer


Using the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field can be a great way to send a message to a group of people while still maintaining their respective privacy. For example you might want to send out a message to a group of family and friends, but you want to maintain the privacy of their respective email addresses.

The problem is, after you've sent the message, it can be helpful to know who or which address you may have sent the message to. By default, when you open the Sent message in Apple's, the list of BCC recipients is hidden.

What To Do

Fortunately, Apple made it very easy to see the list of BCC recipients, just do this:

  1. Open the Sent message from your Sent Messages mailbox
  2. Choose View menu > Messages > Long Headers (or press Shift + Cmd + H)
  3. The full message headers are displayed which include any BCC addresses you have sent this to

Note: You are only able to display the BCC people you send messages to. If you were sent a message in which you were one of the BCC recipients, showing Long Headers does not show you a list of all BCC recipients; the privacy of those addresses are maintained.

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Mail version 3.6 (935/935.3) made it easier

If you're running the above noted version of Apple's in Leopard (10.5.x) then seeing the list of BCC? folks is even easier.

The list of BCC recipients is automatically listed at the top of the message when you open it. It is no longer necessary to use the above noted work around -- although it still works too.

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