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In March 2007 I gave a presentation to the Macintech Multimedia Special Interest Group XTNL URL on presentation skills and techniques. Here are some of the resources I included as part of that presentation that you might find helpful.

In general, we covered using PowerPoint and Keynote as presentation tools. Perhaps the most important information covered wasn't so much on how to use the products as on how to be a better presenter using specific product features. We also covered some detailed content on how to setup and deliver your content, and on how to be efficient when creating your content (some do's and don'ts particular related to master slides).

If you attended this session then you'll understand why the keynote and powerpoint 'presentations' aren't posted here Smile After all, I can't upload the 'presentation' since I can't beam myself through the wires Cool

Related Links: Here's a list of related links, in no particular order, included as part of the presentation

Apple Keynote Links
XTNL URL General Keynote Page
XTNL URL Keynote Keyboard Shortcuts
XTNL URL Keynote Hot Tips
XTNL URL What's new in Keynote v3

Third Party Theme and General Info Sites
XTNL URL Keynote User
XTNL URL Keynote Pro
XTNL URL Keynote Theme Park
XTNL URL JumSoft Keynote Themes

Misc. Links
XTNL URL Filemaker Advisor: build Keynote Pres from FMPro
XTNL URL Speech Improvement Co: Talking about Talking demos and examples
XTNL URL Speech Improvement Site: bio for Ethan Becker see the related info below for one of his demo movies

Presentation Skills Movie
Here's a great movie that is streamed from Apple's website on presentation skills

If you're a veteran or novice presenter, using any application, this is worth watching!

To watch the streaming movie online, click here quicktime (total time 33 minutes). This is a streaming movie and requires a live internet connection to view the content. To download the item, click the link, then after the movie loads, click in the bottom right corner of the control bar and choose Save as Quicktime file to disk (requires quicktime pro to save to disk).

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