iWork 08: Pages: Auto insert my name and address


I used to run a macro in Tiger, so with 2, or 3 clicks I could print my name, address, email address, and phone number at the end of a letter where it was appropriate. It doesn't seem to run under Leopard. Is there a simple/intuitive way to make a new macro to do this?

  • iWork 08, Pages version 3.0.2 or newer recommended
  • Mac OS? X (Leopard version 10.5.5 or newer recommended)


With Pages, there's no need to use a Macro, it will support drag and drop, and automatic linking, from Address Book provided you have setup some special/default mail merge fields in advance. The key is to setup your default, customized, template to have the fields inserted that you'd like. Pages can automatically link to the content in youAddress Book files. Because the content is in your personalized/custom template it'll just always be there every time you choose that template to make a new letter. You can also use the same trick for setting up recipient fields to link to content for folks you're addressing a letter to. The beauty of having the fields in your template is that stuff is inserted 'automagically' and if you don't need it for a particular letter just delete it.

There are a few ways to do it and here are some tips to get the ball rolling: (Apple has a video tutorial here that is also helpful XTNL URL )

What To Do:

Option A - Help Files:
Open Pages → Help Menu, and search for insert address which will list several help topics on how to skin the cat.

Option B - borrow fields from a default Apple Pages Template

  1. Open a default Pages → Letters template such as Modern Letter that contains address fields for sender and receipient
  2. Open your customized template that you'd like to modify (or work from the Blank Pages template)
  3. Go to file in (1) and copy the text fields (or text box) that contains your address information and paste it into your custom template file in (2)
  4. Edit the layout of the pasted content for font style, location, etc. to match your custom template
  5. Save the file as a new custom template

The next time you open that template file the information for your address will always be there. If you copied the recipient content, it will let you drag and drop a card from Address Book onto those fields to automatically fill in the data.

Option C - Roll your own custom fields in your custom template

  1. Open your customized Pages template you'd like to modify (or work from the Blank Pages template)
  2. Open the Inspector window in Pages and click on the Links icon → Merge tab
  3. Click to set the insertion point in the Pages document.
    • Hint, if you'd like to be able to move the content around, Choose Insert → Text Box first, then click in the text box.
  4. In the Inspector window click Enable as an Address Book field and choose the appropriate settings from the associated pop up menus and check boxes.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each field you want linked to the address book. For example, to link the items described you'd have to repeat those steps for first name, last name, email address, phone number, address street, address city, address zip code, etc..
    • Hint, if you want any punctuation between fields (e.g. a comma between city and state) just type the comma character on the keyboard after the City field, and before you insert the state field.
  6. Save this as a new template and close the file
  7. The next time you make a new document with that template the address info is automatically filled in.

Options B and C will allow the content from My Card, as defined in Address Book, to fill in the blanks automatically for 'sender'. The advantage of rolling your own, as described in option 'c' is you maintain all your preferred font settings and sizes in Pages as discussed in one of your earlier questions on the subject to this list.

Hint: You can also include your signature (e.g. a scan of your real penmanship, or using a tablet) in the custom template along with your address info. I do that all the time to save me time when addressing memo's, invoices, etc..

It may sound kinda difficult or seem like a lot of steps but it's pretty quick once you've done it once. The neat part is you could create a similar text box for people you send the letter to -- then just drag and drop their card from Address Book onto the appropriate text box in Pages.

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