iWeb Slide Shows don't look correct


When I publish my iWeb site to my Dot.Mac? account the slide shows look really neat -- a black background and very nice interface. When I publish my slide show to a folder and upload it to a different server (other than Dot.Mac) they look different. What did I do wrong? Why did that happen?


  • iWeb 1.0 (version 1.0.1 or newer recommended)
  • Mac OS? X Tiger (version 10.4.5 or newer recommended)
  • An Apple Dot.Mac Account (to publish to your iDisk?) - optional
  • Web space on a server, often provided with your ISP access, to publish to your own web space - optional


If you're hosting your iWeb pages using your Apple Dot.Mac account, then the slideshows are taking advantage of a new technology referred to as AJAX XTNL URL The technology is essentially a Java based application and some specific Java Scripts hosted server side on Dot.Mac that renders those really great looking slideshows, almost as if you're watching them in iPhoto or Aperture on your own hard drive.

The reality is that Apple has tweaked the AJAX model so the slideshows only display with the fancy interface on their Dot.Mac server. While it can be argued that's almost pulling a Microsoft in terms of being somewhat of a backhand towards what is an open standard, it is what it is. Here is what you see when the slide show is hosted on the Dot.Mac Server.


When you save the same iWeb site to a folder on your hard drive and open the slideshow locally or when hosted on your own web space (that is on a non Dot.Mac Server), here's what you see:


What To Do

Well, we're certainly not AJAX and Java programming experts so we can't recommend any simple one click fixes. However, there are some heated discussions happening here on Apple's forum XTNL URL where folks have managed to get iWeb pages to run with the AJAX slideshow interface on non Dot.Mac Servers by copying and hacking the appropriate scripts. If you're technically up for the challenge, ">try this link XTNL URL, wade through the posts and give this site a try XTNL URL to see one in action.

We hope that helps

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