iPhoto (or any iApp) Updating verses Upgrading


When I try to update my old copy of iPhoto v2 to iPhoto v6 using the iPhoto 6 updater I get an error message: "...an eligible iPhoto application could not be found in /Applications". What does this mean and what am I doing wrong?


Mac OS? X Tiger (10.4.7 or newer) , iPhoto 6.0 or newer, or any Apple iApp that's part of iLife


The distinction between an upgrade and an update is what's causing the confusion. The problem is the same regardless of which iApp, that is part of iLife, you might be trying to update. We'll explain the process using iPhoto but the same principles apply to iWeb, Garageband, iMovie, iDvd and even to applications like Pages or Keynote.

The updater will only update versions of the iPhoto 6 application. That is, you cannot use the iPhoto 6.0.5 updater unless you have a version of iPhoto v6 already installed on your computer; that's why you're seeing the error message "...an eligible iPhoto application could not be found in /Applications". The Updater Application cannot be used to Upgrade older versions of iPhoto to the most recent version. For example you cannot use an updater application to upgrade iPhoto v5 to iPhoto v6. An update will update the current version with recent fixes and/or feature enhancements.

What To Do

To move forward from iPhoto 5 (or older versions) to iPhoto 6 requires an upgrade which is part of iLife '06. The move forward is a paid upgrade when buying iLife '06 or a free upgrade if you purchased a new Mac recently which would have iLife '06 already installed.

You can get the latest version of iLife from Apple online XTNL URL , from your local retail store, or various online retailers.

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