iPhone Movie Support

When I try to load your tutorial and demonstration movies on my iPhone they don't play.

The iPhone and other hand held devices such at the Blackberry require movies be formatted / encoded in a device specific format. Movies on this site currently are not encoded in that format and as such will not playback on those types of devices.

Any new content which is posted specific to the operation or use of the iPHone will play back on that device. Any new content which is not specific to the iPhone will continue to be offered in our current H.264? encoding which will not playback on the iPhone or similar devices.

Currently, given the primary content of this site is not directed to features, applications or techniques which work on the iPhone or similar devices, we have no plans to modify our existing movie content for playback on those devices. We are currently evaluating current and emerging technologies to determine if supporting video for both the iPhone (and other devices) and traditional web browsers is cost effective and will post any news related to that decision here.

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