Translation Fee Schedule

Schedule of Fees

Per File?: Per file translations are charged at US$30 per file with a maximum file size of 1 megabyte per file. Note: file sizes are the true, uncompressed, file size of a single document. In the case of files containing external references, the file size shall be the total combined size of all referenced files.

Hourly: Hourly rates of US$90 per hour are charged for bulk file translations, or for multiple file translations, or if file sizes exceed the maximum size noted above, on the basis of a one hour minimum and in one hour increments thereafter. Typically, if you have three or more files or you have a particularly difficult file translation situation it's usually more cost effective to purchase an hourly block of time. The number of files we can translate in a hour varies with the type of file, file size, and complexity of the data. We're happy to discuss the specifics for your particular project.

Contract: Custom fixed fee contracts are available upon request for large orders or special circumstances. Email us for more information.

Shipping: Typically all file transfers are handled electronically so no shipping costs apply. However, we reserve the right to charge shipping costs in addition to the translation service fees if physical shipping is required. Any such shipping costs will be detailed prior to commencing work.

Secure Online Fee Payment

By submitting payment you accept the following disclaimer:

caddpower can not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of the original data or the resulting translation. While every effort is made to ensure accurate translation of content, the final responsibility to review the documents for content completeness and accuracy for your intended use, lies with you.

All data received and sent is maintained as confidential. Your data will not be sent or shared with anyone else without your prior written permission. If you'd like us to forward your translations directly onto a client or consultant we're happy to do that with your permission.

When the translations are complete we'll send you an electronic invoice for secure online payment. Once we receive the automated confirmation of payment the translated files will be returned to you as per detailed arrangements made prior to the start of work. Please: DO NOT send in your payment UNTIL we tell you the files are ready. This helps ensure the fastest turn around and ensures you receive the best value (lowest price) for your translations. We will send you an email with details on when you should make payment.

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