Apple Changing to WebDAV only

Heads Up

This is a big one folks! Apple has openly stated they are phasing out AFP? access to iDisk?. This is a big deal for Dot.Mac? users running in Mac OS? 9 as OS 9 ONLY has AFP access built-in. This change does not affect Mac OS X users which use WebDAV? protocol for iDisk connections already.


In an open article to Dot.Mac users, Apple has publicly stated they are phasing out AFP access to iDisk. AFP is the Mac OS 9 native method of connecting to remote / networked volumes such as a file server or shared disk on a local area network. AFP is/was also available as a connection method to your dot mac iDisk. This change will also affect users who wanted to connect to your Public Folder using Mac OS 9 so plan ahead!

Time Line and Options

Read Only Access - December 02, 2003
AFP Access to your iDisk or other Dot.Mac member public folders will be read-only (remember a public folder can have read/write access if the .Mac account member so chooses). On December 02, 2003 you will be able to read information from your iDisk or a members Public Folder but you will not be able to write information to your iDisk or a members Public Folder

No AFP Access at all - January 20, 2004
On January 20th , 2004 access will be by WebDAV only. Your Dot.Mac account will be active but you won't have any access to it. Not a good thing.

What to Do

Mac OS X (Jaguar or Panther or newer) users don't need to worry about this change over at all, WebDAV is an integral component to Mac OS X already- we're lucky - we do nothing (which may be an unfair generalized social statement as to your mind set)

Mac OS 9 users have a few options

  1. upgrade to Mac OS X:
    • Clearly this would be apple's desire but may not be practical for a variety of reasons.
  2. Use Goliath XTNL URL
    • Goliath is a free application which will permit you to connect and fully administer your iDisk under Mac OS 9 and it has been specifically tested to work with iDisk (it specifically lists 'iDisk' in it's File? Menu). In fact Goliath works all the way back to Mac OS 8.1 but that doesn't seem an issue since .mac access was only available to Mac OS 9 users. Still, folks running legacy OS 8.1 systems may want to check out Goliath and see if they can use it to connect to their friends/family or business associates .mac public folders.
  3. Discontinue your dot mac account:
    • Not a pretty option but it might be your only choice if you refuse to install Goliath or another WebDAV client.

    If you'd like to learn more about WedDAV or Goliath visit this link for Goliath XTNL URL or visit the WebDAV Resources website XTNL URL which has a whole host of great information as does their list of FAQ's XTNL URL

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