Apple Posts a Quick Start Guide


Apple has posted a quick start guide on using the dot.mac suite of services which is available for download.


Apple's PDF? file on Getting Started using the dot.mac suite of services may be downloaded from their .Mac Learning Center XTNL URL The .Mac Learning Center also contains other links to useful help information.

The booklet is clearly targeted at new comers to the dot.mac suite of services as it merely provides a general overview without getting to the details of some important features. For example the booklet describes how to connect to our iDisk? using a mac but doesn't cover information on to connect from a Windows. While the connecting to an iDisk from Windows is covered in various help files, it would have been useful for Apple to include an overview in the booklet verses point people to the online help files which contains readily available information that could have easily been included.

As a first cut, the booklet is worth having if you're a new comer to the Dot.Mac? suite of services but long time users will be disappointed if they're looking for details on various subjects. We're looking forward to seeing how Apple develops this handy little resource in the future.

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Please note this link on

Please note this link on Apple's site has been deleted when Apple dropped support for the dot.MAC suite of cloud services and replaced it with MobileME, which has since been replaced with iCloud. Nothing is as consistent as change.

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