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Color Portfolio Volume? 1 is a collection of library parts to asssist you in preparing color renderings on a computer with the look and feel of hand drawn graphics. Click here to learn more - or - if you're already convinced simply click here to buy now KAGI (requires reviewing & accepting license agreement prior to completing purchase)

Each collection can be used alone or in combination with other libraries to create drawings with the look and feel of traditional color pencil and felt marker renderings. This is 'the original' Color Portfolio which has been on sale since 1997 and it hasn't changed... it's as valuable today as it was then!

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With over 17 libraries containing more than 150 separate fill patterns and components, this Library collection has something for virtually everyone. This is the original Color Portfolio Volume 1 which was first released in 1997 and has been a corner stone for a variety of plan, section and elevation drawings used by a variety of design professionals. If you visit the Drawing Room XTNL URL at the website of Engineered Software (authors of PowerCADD) you'll see numerous, varied, examples of how creative professionals use Color Portfolio Volume 1 to enhance their drawings.

Using the libraries and fill patterns included with Color Portfolio Volume 1 is as easy as opening a library, using the symbol tool and clicking the mouse to add the pattern to your drawing. Download a PDF? file of the full documentation (ColorPortfolioVol_1_Docs.pdf) to see just how easy it is to add color to your drawings or visit this link INTL URL to learn more and see samples of the various components included with Color Portfolio Volume 1

Authored By: Brian (huc) Huculak
Release Date: 1997
Minimum Requirements: PowerDRAW version 6 or any version of PowerCADD running Mac OS? 9 or Mac OS X
Cost: $100.00 U.S. Dollars
Buy Now KAGI Review and Accept the Liscence Agreement then complete your online purchase

Keywords: landscape, trees, 2d trees, shrubs, ground cover, siding, building, texture, render, rendering, illustration, graphic, entourage, non-photorealistic

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PDF Previews may be wrong using Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Public Service Announcement:

If you use ColorPortfolio Vol1 custom color fill patterns with PowerCADD 9.1.3, Mac OS? X 10.10 (Yosemite), and Version 8.0 (859) please take a moment to review this brief note and the related link. This problem may also exist with other custom fill or raster custom hatch patterns so the subject may also apply to folks now using ColorPortfolio fill patterns.

I've found and confirmed an issue with the version of that shipped with Mac OS X Yosemite. Specifically some custom color fill patterns (such as those shipped with ColorPortfolio Vol1) may not render correctly to screen after printing to PDF? and opening in The patterns print correctly even from the odd looking image in This is a problem with the version of that shipped with the initial release of Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.Innocent -- it is not a problem with the fill patterns included with ColorPortfolio Vol1, nor with PowerCADD 9.1.3 itself. As such any fix for or in how the original PDF file is created via Apple's Save As PDF feature would need to come from Apple.

If you are seeing some odd behavior with fill patterns not rendering properly to screen after you've made a PDF of your drawing please take a moment to read this article which provides all the details on what is happening and how to address the problem.

Brian Huculak
Author: ColorPorfolio Libraries
Managing Editor:

How to Install Color Portfolio Vol 1

Installing Color Portfolio Vol. 1 onto your hard drive is easy:

  1. Double Click the Disk Image you downloaded from the link provided via email. Typically it will be in your Downloads folder unless you've specifically changed that standard setting in Mac OS? X.
  2. Enter the password as it appears in the automated email.
  3. An icon will appear on your desktop titled "ColorPortfolioVol1"
  4. Double click the Read Me First file to review it's contents.
  5. Drag the folder named "Color Portfolio Vol 1 Folder" to your local hard drive. We recommend putting it the Documents folder but you can keep it anywhere you like.
  6. Eject the disk image file that appeared in step 3 by dragging it to your Dock (or Control + Click (Right + Click)) on its icon and choose Eject from the Contextual menu)

Thank You
Brian Huculak
Author: Color Portfolio Vol. 1

Changes / Updates for PowerCADD 9

With the changes made by Engineered Software to the database of PowerCADD 9 we have upgraded all the Symbol Libraries and Example Files for Color Portfolio Volume? 1 as summarized below:

  • The libraries are now issued as an encrypted DMG? file (disk image file) for full support in Mac OS? X. The legacy format of a self extracting Stuffit Expander archive only worked in Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X with Classic installed, or if the users had purchased the full version of Stuffit Expander.
  • The library now contains data files for BOTH PowerCADD 9 and legacy versions of PowerCADD from version 1 through version 8. There is NO NEW content; the content is the same for both legacy and PowerCADD 9 formats.
  • If you already purchased Color Portfolio Vol. 1 and own PowerCADD 9 you do NOT NEED to download or purchase the library again. Simply open the libraries and files you've already purchased in PowerCADD 9 and they will be automatically converted and saved to the new file format on your local hard drive.
  • Which Libraries and Files should you use?
    • If you're using PowerCADD 1 through PowerCADD 8 use any of the libraries or files located in folders that include the name "PowerCADD 1 to 8". The files in those folders DO NOT have a file name suffix (example: they don't have a *.PC# at the end of the file name).
    • If you're using PowerCADD 9 use any of the libraries or files located in folders that include "PowerCADD 9" in the file name. These files WILL have a SUFFIX of *.PC9 at the end of their file names.
    • By providing both legacy and PowerCADD 9 files we save you the trouble and time of having to convert the files to the newest PowerCADD 9 file format.

Thank You
Brian Huculak
Author: Color Portfolio Vol. 1

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