Claris CAD

Effect January 2016 we no longer offer Claris Cad translations. Unfortunately the legacy hardware used to run that 30 year old software has finally failed. The time and hardware costs required to resurrect the system just isn't cost effective so we have discontinued this service.

In it's day, Claris CAD was a great product but it's been discontinued for over 15 years (as of the date of this article). You've made the logical choice and switched to PowerCADD but really need those legacy Claris CAD drawings and libraries. After all, they saved out time and money then and should continue to do so now and into the future. can bring those old faithful Claris CAD drawings and Libraries and turn them into PowerCADD drawings and Symbol Libraries quickly and easily.

We can also translate your Claris CADdrawings to DXF? or DWG? for use in AutoCAD or other CAD applications on any platform.

Need PDF? from Claris CAD? No problem, we can also make high quality PDF files up to 200 x 200 inches from your Claris CAD drawings. While DXF and DWG translations don't support fill patterns, PDF files do!

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