Suspending Updates to PowerCADD/WildTOOLs Content

General Public Service Announcement

Effective today, January 30, 2015, we will no longer be updating existing, or adding new, content to the PowerCADD Guru section of our website. As WildTOOLs is a plug-in/add-on to PowerCADD this decision also applies to the WildTOOLs Guru section of our website. It's been a great 15 year run with (and 25 years with PowerCADD/PowerDraw) and we're disappointed to see it coming to an end.

We certainly would like to continue to provide new information to the PowerCADD community. However, given we can't determine Engineered Software's timeline or direction for PowerCADD, we feel the professional course of action is to inform our visitors as to our current position. If Engineered Software provides an upgrade or update to PowerCADD 9 for Mac OS? Yosemite (and future Apple Mac OS X releases), or shows some other definitive action or communication as to PowerCADD's future, we will certainly revisit our position and announce any changes here on our website.

As a courtesy to our readers we will be leaving the PowerCADD Guru and WildTOOLs Guru content on this site active.

Our CADDcare and Translation services are not affected and will continue to be offered. ColorPortfolio Libraries will also continue to be offered for sale as they work with all versions of PowerCADD up to and including PowerCADD 9.

We will continue to monitor Engineered Software's activity with PowerCADD in the hopes we can once again add new PowerCADD and WildTOOLs content to our website.

Again, thank you for your support.

Brian Huculak
Managing Editor

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