Website General Updates November 2011

The changes we've made are significant and run deep!

While it's easy to see some cosmetic differences -- all of which are still in the process of being finalized and tweaked -- the changes we've made here at are significant to say the least. Specific items of note include:

  • Software Performance: We've upgraded Drupal to version 6 (with plans already underway to go to Drupal 7 pending updates to some key modules) which is considerably faster and more reliable than previous versions. Along with Drupal upgrade came a requirement to upgrade the versions of mySQL and PHP which also brought along performance and stability improvements.
  • Hardware Performance: In the process of the Drupal software upgrade we also moved all the content from legacy hardware/servers with our hosting provider to newer, faster, and more reliable hardware. This has been a great performance benefit.

Of course, anyone who's gone through those sorts of changes knows the task is far from simple. It's not simply a matter of moving a few files, but time involved in testing and setup of configurations takes up the huge amounts of the time. We're comfortable with where were at, and even though we have little more house keeping and cleanup to do we felt it was time to flip the switch.

So, if you see some dust in the corners or a few minor rough edges like a broken link or missing graphic, rest assured we're addressing that housekeeping. However, if you do see something out of sorts we'd appreciate if you'd take a moment to send us an email with a link to the specific page that's displaying a problem.


Brian Huculak
managing editor

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