Well, something here really saved you some time and money and helped you clear a significant hurdle! Wow, that's great, we're glad we could help. Being the gracious person that you are, you'd like to buy us lunch as a way of saying thanks for the help and here's more on how you can do that.

We know this great little Mexican place just down the road. They're family owned and operated and serve up great food at really reasonable prices (we like supporting the little guy)! They do breakfast too which can be kind of nice if we've been working late hours posting articles and how to tutorials and movies, and figure it's easier to stay up and go eat than go to bed 'cos it's so early in the morning.

Lunch typically goes for between $5 and $8 bucks. Toss in a drink and a small tip and it's so close to US$10 that we'll just leave the 10 spot on the table and call it even. So, if you'd like to buy us lunch (or perhaps breakfast) please click here and fill in the US $10.00 shareware fee, quantity 1:kagi: If you're really happy and would like us to take our spouse for lunch too then you're welcome to fill in a quantity of 2 for a total of US $20 which will cover the lunch tab including tip. If you're so inclined, we'll even mail you the receipt for tax purposes, just send us an email with your mailing address and we'll put it in the mail (seriously). Smile

Thanks for buying us lunch and helping support caddpower.com

ps. If you're prefer to just send us a check, please drop us an email and we'll pass along our mailing address and such.

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