Buying PowerCADD

Purchasing or Upgrading PowerCADD

There are a few choices on where or how to purchase PowerCADD depending on where you are and what you're looking for.

Current PowerCADD users who want to upgrade to the most current version:

PowerDWG Translator News
The PowerDWG Translator is bundled (included) with your purchase of PowerCADD. The PowerDWG Translator has a vastly improved, interactive, interface making for more accurate and efficient translations. Best of all, the translators now support file formats through AutoCAD 2010!.

New users purchasing PowerCADD for the first time:

Third party Libraries or other add-ons for PowerCADD:

Any third party add-ons or Libraries may be purchased from the same source as your new or upgraded version of PowerCADD. In some cases the authors may offer discounted prices for users upgrading from previous versions, and they may also offer free updates to current releases. Please check with the specific vendor, or your local reseller or distributor, for full details.


Do I buy an upgrade, update, or new version? We receive this question a lot so we'll clarify the terms here. Please reference the descriptions and links above for the appropriate contact information.

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