PowerCADD 9.1.5 update - help for folks running OS X Sierra

PowerCADD 9.1.5 - Help for Mac OS? X Sierra users!

  • As of March 5, 2017 PowerCADD 9.1.5 was issued as a free update for existing PowerCADD 9 users
  • PowerCADD version 9 (9.1.5 Build QC06) is the most current version
  • This should provide some help for PowerCADD users running Mac OX Sierra 10.12.x


PowerCADD users running Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.x) are finally getting a little help. Engineered Software (authors of PowerCADD) have posted a free update link on the front page of their website at www.engsw.com XTNL URL

For a full list of what's new and update you should install PowerCADD 9.1.5 and then choose Help menu > Update Notes. Here's a copy of what's in those release notes:

PowerCADD 9.1.5

  • Release 1
  • Resolve Gatekeeper issue where WildTools failed to load on Sierra.
  • Simplify PowerCADD install code recognition and resetting.
  • Restore drag-reorder capability to the layer window.
  • Due to customer confusion and technical support load, enable legacy PowerCADD 4 translators. Note: Please save all PowerCADD 4 files you wish to retain access, in the current PowerCADD 9 format.
  • Remove use of legacy GetKeys and KeyMap, which are unreliable on some systems.
  • Force batch-printing to false when PowerCADD starts. Several users have crashed whilst printing, which left batch printing set to false. This suppresses the AskPrintJob dialog.
  • Display print dialogs in freestanding mode to work around error in legacy printing system where the sheets remain attached to the window.
  • Properly open double clicked-files upon starting PowerCADD.
  • Add menu to explicitly reset installation codes to save on technical support.
  • Additional logging added for registration issues.
  • Fix crash with advanced text editing window.
  • Enable legacy translators
  • Sign PowerCADD with new certs.

While Engineered Software's update notes do not specifically state full compliance with Mac OS Sierra this update is important step to that end. As always, take a measured approach to implementing the updated software into your workflow and send any issues you find to Engineered Software by email so they can better improve their product. If you're a Mac OS Sierra (10.12.x) user we highly recommend updating.

What To Do

If you are an existing PowerCADD user (any version) there are few different options depending on which version of PowerCADD you currently have. Here's a general breakdown:

As usual we recommend making a backup of your current PowerCADD application folder before updating.

Free Updates for Current PowerCADD 9 Users:
Current PowerCADD 9 users can update for free by downloading the update from the home page of Engineered Software. Please visit Engineered Software's website at www.engsw.com XTNL URL and use the links on the front page to download your free update. You can also download updates for your registered third party xtnl plug-in's including WildTOOLs from that location. Here is a direct link to the downloads page www.engsw.com PowerCADD 9.1.5 Update XTNL URL Simply go there to download the update - then follow the screen prompts to install the software on your hard drive.

Paid Upgrades from versions of PowerCADD prior to PowerCADD 9:
Current registered PowerCADD users can upgrade from an earlier version of PowerCADD (e.g. PowerCADD 6,7, or 8 to PowerCADD 9) will need to pay for their upgrade to PowerCADD 9.1.5 and should contact Engineered Software or your International Distributor for pricing. Please note these are paid upgrades (not free updates). Please visit Engineered Software's website at www.engsw.com XTNL URL for details on how to upgrade.

New PowerCADD Users:
If you are buying a new version of PowerCADD (from Engineered Software in the U.S., Canada, or an International Distributor), you will receive the latest version with that purchase. However, we encourage all new purchasers to confirm with the respective seller that PowerCADD version 9.1.5 (or newer) it what will be provided.

We hope that helps

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