PowerCADD 8 Free Updates - What's Changed Notes

Engineered Software issues free updates to PowerCADD 8; here is the list of what's new or fixed as noted by Engineered Software in their email issued to users who update.

What's Changes in PowerCADD 8.0.1

Fixed a crash when quitting with the Move window out.
Saving a .dwg file sets the pen color for black lines.
The .dwg font substitution menu sets correct font.
The font substitution menu is gray when visually accurate text is chosen.
Dimension text to .dwg is correct.
Arcs are at the correct rotation and position in .dwg
Arcs with arrows save to .dwg properly.
Opening .dwg files applies stationery units to model space.
Fixed a crash on some .dwg files in the preview window.
Protected against bad objects in .dwg.
Sometimes metric units crashed .dwg preview
Can tab into the Edit Window with a locked object selected.
Corrected Drawing Setup Units dialog from Gradient to Gradian.
Added the divider lines in the Attributes menu.
Fixed a problem in using commands for line weights, arrows and dashes in languages other than English.
Advanced text tool does not insert empty text blocks.
Demo will not write over a file.
Fixed a crash updating the Nudge value when closing drawing window.
Nudge values are now being applied at correct scale.
Fixed a crash when opening Power CADD 4 files with layers.
Warning when converting hatches to object when they are far away from the drawing origin.
Rotated text copied from PowerCADD 7 and pasted into PowerCADD 8 is the correct angle.
PowerCADD 8 and PowerCADD 7 will exchange accurate data when copy and pasting between versions.
Fixed performance issue with the help menu under 10.5.
Fixed performance issue when making objects (Mouse location was delayed).
New .dwg libraries put into place.
Line thickness in Attributes window displays points, Inches or Metric.
Arc direction on incoming files correct.
Elliptical arcs were simply wrong and now are correct.
Nudge value is remembered.
The Symbol Data browser has button to bring out the Set Data dialog.

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