New Replace Font command in PCD7.0.5


How do I replace one font family (e.g. Arial) for another (e.g. Helvetica)?


PowerCADD 7.0.5 and Mac OS? X Tiger or Leopard (10.5.2 or newer recommended)


Engineered Software issued an update to PowerCADD 7 for Mac OS X Leopard compatibility as we noted in this article. As part of addressing a font substitution issue in Leopard the update added a new menu item (Text menu > Replace Font...) that appears in all versions of PowerCADD v7.0.5 running in Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x) and Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x). Using the menu item is a snap but we've put together this simple set of instructions just to be thorough.

The uses for this new menu item go beyond addressing the OS X font substitution issue. Imagine being able to globally change your mind after entering all the text in your drawing in one font type, and quickly change it to another. How about changing all the text from an Imported *.DWG? file in one shot. There are several possible uses, all of which are real time savers!

What To Do

Replace Font... allows you globally change one font family to another. For example, you can change all text blocks in your drawing from Geneva to Times.

To use the Replace Font... menu item:

  1. Choose Text Menu > Replace Font...
  2. The Replace Font dialog will open as pictured below.
  3. Font to Find contains a list of all fonts currently used in your document. Click on the first font name in that popup list and selected the desired font that is going to be replaced.
  4. The Replace With list contains a list of all fonts available in Mac OS X. Click on the first font name in that popup list and select the desire font to be used as a replacement.
  5. Click Replace All and all fonts are updated in the drawing.

You might notice a delay in the dialog box opening because it's checking the fonts used in your drawing so it can generate the appropriate Font to Find list. The length of time it takes will vary with the speed of your computer, the number of text blocks in the drawing and how many fonts were used. In simpler drawings it may take only a few seconds to being almost instant. In others it may take 5 to 15 seconds. Be patient, the time it takes to generate the Font to Find is nothing compared to the time it would take to make the change manually in a complex drawing.

We hope that helps

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