Presentation Utilities

When giving presentations and software demo's there are a few utilities I use on a regular basis which make the task easier for me and clearer to the audience. Here's a quick breakdown of what they are and where to find them.

XTNL URL MousePose: An essential tool for doing product demo's or presentations -- hilight your mouse location to make it easy for folks to follow! Boinx has also expanded the utility to include the ability to display the current key being pressed on screen; a very handy feature if the application you're demonstrating uses modifier keys to enable certain features.

XTNL URL Salling Clicker: Control your Keynote or PowerPoint presentation with a bluetooth cell phone (mac or windows). You can control other cool stuff on your mac too including iPhoto, iDvd, or even the location of the mouse on the screen. This is a great hands free controller that makes use of your existing hardware and is not line of sight.


OS? X system feature to Zoom In on the fly: A great way to make it clear to viewers just what you want them to look at on screen by zooming into the specific spot. This is a great feature by itself but works even better in conjunction with MousePose.

To Enable System level zooming, do this:

  1. open System Preferences > Universal Access > Seeing tab: turn ZOOM on

To use System level zooming, do this:

  1. press Command + Option + = to zoom in to any spot on your screen. Move your mouse and the zoom area changes to match the new location.
  2. press Command + Option + - to zoom out

Here's a screen shot that shows the MousePose Effect and where to click to turn on system level zooming:


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