Control Click to Remove a GuideLine

Feature Overview

While there are quick ways to remove all guidelines from a drawing or turn them on or off, there's no short cut to removing a single guideline from a drawing.

Feature Description:

Currently, removing a single guideline from a drawing requires dragging it onto the ruler. While this is a very easy task, it does require a lot of mouse movement, particularly on large monitors. It's also somewhat disruptive to the workflow in that it requires we remove our attention from the object at hand to drag things onto the ruler. Given we can currently control+click on an item to bring up a contextual menu to object attributes, why not also have the ability to control+click on a guideline to remove it. Since one of the underlying reasons behind contextual menu's is to make the drawing process more efficient by reducing mouse movement in and out of palettes and menu's, this seems like a logical extension to the process.

We realize it's a little thing - but it just seems like it's the little things that make life easier Smile

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