Dragging or Selecting Bitmaps Obscures Data


When I drag or select a bitmap, it obscures all other data in my drawing. This is true even when the bitmap is on the bottom most layer of the layer stack. How do we correct the problem?


PowerCADD v6.0.8 and Mac OS? 10.3.2
PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS 10.4.4 recommended


This related article in our Answer Archives : Preview When Dragging Objects : may also contain helpful information

To allow users to optimize their work environment, PowerCADD has several application level preferences allowing you to fine tune performance, particularly with respect to working with Quartz in Mac OS X.

What to Do

There are three options to address the screen redraw condition being described

Option 1: read this related article in our Answer Archives: Preview When Dragging Objects

Option 2: Adjust the Transparent Drawing Preference:

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu → Preferences... → View Tab → Use Transparent Drawing settings
  2. when Transparent Drawing = ON (checked), bitmaps render semi transparent and all data is visible when dragging
  3. When Transparent Drawing = OFF (unchecked), bitmaps render 100% opaque (solid) and all data is obscured when dragging with the exception of the selected object

If you prefer to work with Transparent Drawing = OFF, then Option 1 may well contain the better solution.

Option 3: Highlight Selection Preference:

When Highlight Selection is turned on (checked), a selected bitmap will obscure all other data even when that bitmap is the bottom most object or on the on the bottom most layer. Disabling Highlight Selection corrects the condition, do this:

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu → Preferences...
  2. Click the View tab
  3. Uncheck Highlight Selection
  4. Result: When a bitmap is selected it will no longer obscure other data in the drawing above it

Note, if Highlight Selection = On (checked), and the bitmap is on the bottom most layer, selecting multiple objects which include the bitmap will still render all objects. That is, objects above the bitmap will be highlighted (grayed out) thereby allowing all objects to be seen. Objects on the same layer but on top of the bitmap will be obscured when they're all selected which is somewhat of an anomaly but may not be an issue as large bitmaps are typically always on their own layer for drawing management purposes.

The combination of preference settings noted above become important as they interact with each other during drag and selection operations. If you work with large bitmaps in drawings, looking carefully at how each combination works together will be important to find the best fit for your particular work flow. Don't forget to read the article described in Option 1 for additional information.

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