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This section of the PowerCADD learning center is dedicated to helping you understand and maximize the use of some of the human interface features in PowerCADD version 6. Due to the similarities between PowerCADD v6 and PowerCADD v7 we have moved most of the content related to PowerCADD v6 into our PowerCADD v7 (premium content) section of the website.

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"Modifiable" warning dialog


Sometimes when I open files I see a dialog box warning me the file is marked as "modifiable" (see picture below). It usually appears when I try to open a file after my Mac or PowerCADD has unexpectedly quit. Why does that happen and should I be concerned about the integrity of the file?


Any version of Mac OS? X, any version of PowerCADD 6 (Mac OS 10.3.6 and PowerCADD 6.2 or better recommended)


Prior to version 6 of PowerCADD (and Mac OS X), the Finder provided a locked file status flag for each file that an application opened. In essence the Finder said this file is busy (open). In Mac OS X, that feature is no longer available to developers. To get around the problem, and ensure that two people don't accidentally open the same file without a warning, Engineered Software creates an invisible lock file in the same folder (directory) as the file you originally open. It's that locked file that allows you to see this warning dialog if you or someone else tries to open the same file:


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Selecting Values in Edit Window Fields :: PowerCADD

In versions of PowerCADD prior to v6, I could click my mouse an Edit Window field and use Apple+A (Edit menu -> Select All) to select the fields contents. In PowerCADD v6, when try the Command + A keys nothing happens. How can I select all the values in an Edit Window Field?

PowerCADD v6 (6.0.8 or newer recommended)


Being able to Cut, Copy, or Paste data into, or out of, an Edit Window field is a great shortcut and one we use often. With PowerCADD v6, the old method of having to press Command + A (Select All) to select the contents of the an Edit Window field is no longer necessary. Instead, there are two methods which are much faster and easier!

What To Do

Option A: Press the Tab Key
When an object is selected, pressing Tab will automatically cycle through each field in the Edit Window and select the entire contents of that field. With the field selected, simply press Command + C (keyboard shortcut for Edit menu > Copy) and the data is copied to the Mac OS? Clipboard?.

The next time you choose Edit menu > Paste (Command + V), the value copied from the Edit Window field is inserted where you specify. Remember, you can Copy and Paste between fields in the Edit Window, into other dialog boxes, or into a new text block. This is the most efficient method as it does not require any 'mousing around' to select and drag or click into an Edit Window field. As far as we're concerned, anything that saves us mouse movement is a good thing and makes us more productive!

Option B: Triple Click
If you have gone to the effort of moving mouse and clicking into an Edit Window field, simply triple clicking (three mouse clicks in rapid succession) will select the contents of that Edit Window field. Then press Command + C to copy the selected information to the Mac OS Clipboard.

A triple click is a Mac OS standard technique for selecting paragraphs of text. The technique can also be used to select text in a PowerCADD text block or to select paragraphs of text in your favorite word processor such as Appleworks, Word or Text Edit.

There you have it - two simple techniques that are faster and simpler than pressing Command + A to try and select the contents of an Edit Window field.

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