mounted iDisks have a -1 (or larger number) suffix


Sometimes when an iDisk? is mounted, the name as a -1 suffix. For example myidisk-1. This article discusses why that condition occurs.


A valid dot mac account and Mac OS? X or connecting to a dot mac members public folder


It's possible to have more than one simultaneous connection to an iDisk. In those instances, when the iDisk is mounted, it has a suffix appended to it , e.g. it reads myidisk-1 instead of myidisk. For example:

  • the first instance of an iDisk being mounted names the item myidisk
  • the second instance of the same iDisk being mounted names the item myidisk-1
  • the third instance of the same iDisk being mounted names the item myidisk-2

That pattern will repeat with a new number being appended for each simultaneous connection made to the same iDisk. In fact, this same pattern will occur if a Public Folder from an iDisk is mounted in more than one location at the same time.

There are a few situations where this type of condition might be seen:

Condition 1: Logged in from work and from home or from two different computers on the same network. For example, it's not unreasonable for someone to have logged on to their iDisk at the office and then forget to disconnect. When reconnecting from home they would see a -1 added to the end of the iDisk name when connected.

Condition 2: You share an iDisk with someone else either in the same house or across the country. For example, if my associate has our shared iDisk mounted in Canada and I mount the same iDisk in the United States, the first person to mount the iDisk see the original name (no suffix) and the second person sees the name with a -1 appended to the end.

Condition 3: A single computer with multiple user ID's. Given OS X is a multi user environment, it's also easy to recreate this condition locally. On computers with more than one log in/user id , the first person to mount the volume get's the real name, the 2nd user ID will see the realname-1 suffix. Mac OS X Panther in particular, with it's fast user switching scheme makes it so easy to have multiple users and switch between them it's easy to forget who is connected to the iDisk.

What to do:

Generally, there shouldn't be any problem working with the iDisk when you are the second user (i.e. you see myidisk-1 as a name). However, if you're experiencing odd behavior, it's worth making sure all other users have disconnected, then reconnect and try the procedure which was exhibiting the problem again.

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