About Graphic Libraries

caddpower.com is pleased to offer a variety of PowerCADD Graphics Libraries for online distribution. Please take a moment to read this file, it provides an overview of important information designed to help you get the most out of these Libraries.

What do the Libraries "Do" ?
Each component in a Library is a Time Machine. When you use a Library you're buying TIME.

Ask yourself "how long would it take me to create 'that' " or "how much faster can I generate a better looking drawing if I use 'that'... then multiply the answer by how many times you might use a component, or how many other people in your office may use a component and you quickly understand why we say Libraries are in fact time machines.

Libraries save you time which makes you money and that's the bottom line.

Other than also adding fun and interest back into drawing , they don't actually 'Do' anything as they are components which allow you to enhance your own drawings. In some cases they are physical components like trees or people, in other cases they are color swatches and color fill patterns which speed up your work flow and allow you to quickly add color to any type of drawing.

What can you do with a Library ?
Well, that really depends on the content of the library, but in general, just about anything. The limit is your own imagination.

Product Delivery :
All Libraries are password protected and available for online purchase and download. Once payment is approved you are automatically sent an email containing your password and download link. All Libraries ordered through this web site are available for ONLINE DOWNLOAD ONLY. Physical boxed products (i.e. a CD containing a Library or collection of Libraries) are typically not provided. This helps keep costs associated with distribution and updated down and the savings are passed along to you! If you do require a physical shipment please email us your request and we'll be happy to arrange for that - please note additional charges for shipping and handling will apply.

All online orders are handled by KAGI with a secure online server. Please review your online order information carefully, in particular your email address! All automated "Thank You for your payment..." emails are sent to the address you specify and include the download link and password for your Library.

If you think about it, the content for the libraries were created as bits (zero's and one's) and it only makes sense to distribute them as such. I leave the conversion of the zero's and one's to physical 'atoms' to you when the items are included in your drawings and printed.

Required Software:
All Libraries are compressed as Mac OS? X Disk Image Files. The disk images are encrypted (password protected) and the password to unlock them is included in the email you'll receive confirming your purchase. Opening the Disk Image files is as easy as double clicking and Mac OS X will take care of the rest. From there, you simply drag and drop the contents onto your local hard drive. Detailed, step by step, instructions are also included with the email confirming your purchase.

The only other required software is the correct application and version number noted to open the file(Drunk as detailed on the Library's page description. For example you may need PowerCADD version 6 or newer to open a specific library and that version is clearly noted on the libraries specific product description page.

Libraries are NOT software 'applications', rather they are collections of parts you can use with a particular piece of software. Library purchases do NOT include the software application. All software requirements for particular Libraries are clearly listed in the description of the Library you'll see in our web pages.

Library purchases are non refundable so please read the descriptions carefully and download the documentation if it's available. You are also encouraged to email us to ask questions prior to purchasing. We also welcome your feedback for ideas for new Libraries or how we can improve this service.

Please Read the Documentation:
In true Macintosh fashion, using the Libraries is very easy if you already know how to use the application they are designed for (e.g. PowerCADD) . However, all downloaded files include documentation containing important and helpful information. As a last resort if there's a problem with a Library you can reach the author of a Library with the contact information included with the download.

Thanks for taking the time to review this article.


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