PowerCADD 8 Wish List

About the PowerCADD 8 Wish List
This section of our web site contains a list of current wish list ideas for the currently in development release of PowerCADD version 8. Registered visitors are welcome and encouraged to vote on items and share their comments. We've started this list after the official release of PowerCADD version 7.

With the release of PowerCADD v8 we're have start a new PowerCADD 9 Wish List. If a wish list item from PowerCADD v8 was granted, we've left it in this section and added an appropriate comment. If a wish wasn't granted we've moved it to the PoweCADD 9 Wish List where you can comment or vote in an online poll.

The objective is simple:
To gather relevant, real world, user feedback on what features are most desirable for the next release of PowerCADD. Ultimately we're hopeful the results will prove to be a reasonable guide to assist Engineered Software in their planning and development process.

Poll Choices are:

  • Very Important Feature: you think the feature is a big deal and has a big impact to your workflow
  • Important Feature: not critical to your workflow but something you'd find useful or would explore more deeply if it was there
  • Not an Important Feature: this feature wouldn't impact your workflow at all and you're not interested or don't see value in exploring it

To vote, simply read a wish list idea and cast your vote in the polling box using the link at the end of the article. You're invited to post comments on any wish list item or comment on the poll itself.

Duration of the voting on Wish List items:
There is currently no official end date since there is no official notice of when PowerCADD 8 might be released. A logical end date will be determined and announced on this web site.

Results of the Polls:
The results of the polls are unofficial and do not guarantee any wish list idea will make it into the next release of PowerCADD. The poll is intended to collect information which can be passed onto Engineered Software for consideration in their planning and development process.

A reminder:
caddpower.com is an independently owned and operated website and is not affiliated with any software or hardware vendor or manufacturer.

Let the games begin!

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